Keys To Working With A Music Producer For The Very First Time

A music producer could be your way to build up a solid career and make quality music very early on. If you've found your first one, here are some things that can help this relationship blossom in productive, healthy ways. Already Have a Plan for Your Music Career The more direction you have early on in your music career, the easiest it will be to go down particular lanes. You want to have this vision and goals before working with a music producer for the first time because ultimately, this will help them see how they can mold you accordingly. Read More 

Features To Get In A Photo Booth Rental For Special Events

If you're having a special event like a big birthday or large family gathering, you might want to rent out a photo booth. Then everyone will be able to conveniently have their picture taken to better remember these special moments. Just make sure your photo booth rental comes with a couple of features. Personal Attendant There might be some guests that need a little assistance using the photo booth rental. Maybe they've never used one before or they just don't have any good ideas about what to capture. Read More 

5 Considerations To Make When Selecting A Music Streaming Service

Tires of loading MP3s onto your smartphone every time you want new music, or having to purchase the latest music you want for each song? If so, you will definitely want to subscribe to a music streaming service to replace your MP3 collection. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a service.  Simultaneous Streams Are you planning to share the service with family members? Then you'll definitely want to find out how many people can simultaneously stream music from the service with your account. Read More 

Fascinated by LOFI Music Production: Learn Piano

Private piano lessons are totally worth it if you want to break into LOFI Music Production. In fact, piano skills may provide the most crucial link in producing great LOFI tracks. Of course, you also need knowledge of digital audio workstations(DAWs) and how to create with them. It also helps to have a great ear when it comes to recognizing EFX. However, these two things apply mostly to finishing the music. Read More 

Reasons You Should Let Your Child Take Rock Lessons

If you are like most people, you probably assume that rock music is meant for angry and aggressive people. For this reason, you wouldn't want any of your loved ones to engage in this kind of music under any circumstance, let alone pay for the rock lessons. The truth is that rock music can actually make people healthy and happier. Even heavy metal can soothe the soul and help one change their bad mood. Read More