Regular Tuning Vs. Pitch Raise: Piano Tuning Basics

Even the most tone-deaf, non-musical individual cringes when they hear a piano that's extremely out of tune. There's something about that grating dissonance that makes your skin crawl and your hair stand on end. But when a piano is just slightly out of tune, it gets a little trickier to hear the problem unless you have an ear that's finely tuned to hear pitch. Fortunately, a professional piano tuner will have the ear for the job as well as the technical equipment needed to get your piano as close to perfect as possible. Read More 

6 Benefits That Come With Learning How To Play The Guitar

If you have an interest in music and you have a desire to learn the guitar, you may want to begin taking guitar lessons soon. An instructor can help you play and learn how to play faster than if you were to attempt to learn on your own. Playing the guitar can be fun and rewarding, and it can bring many benefits to your life. Here are some of the benefits that come with learning how to play guitar: Read More 

Why Music Entertainment Is A Great Choice For Corporate Retreats

Bringing people together at a corporate retreat is often a fantastic way of building new connections with employees and making everybody at a company happier. One of the best ways to achieve that goal is to book concerts during each night of these unique and satisfying corporate events.  Corporate Retreats Help Bring Everybody Together A growing number of people are turning to corporate retreats as a great way of engaging with their coworkers and their business partners. Read More 

Looking To Tickle Your Own Ivories? Everything Is Not All Black And White When Buying A Used Piano

Buying a piano, beyond the expense, is a big deal. It's difficult to transport, to find the perfect place for, and then requires a lot of attention to keep it in pristine condition. If you're intent on buying yourself a previously-owned piano, there's work involved in that, too. No matter the labor involved, though, nothing should keep you apart from the ebony and ivory your musical heart is set on. Read More 

Language And Music: A Powerful Partnership

Children are more capable of learning a second language than their adult counterparts. Immersion classes and private tutoring can help with teaching a second language, but your child will benefit greatly from the introduction of music into the learning process. Music has the ability to accelerate foreign language skills. This means that you can utilize a music school to help your child learn a second language more effectively. Music Enhances Memory Read More