2 Reasons To Hire A Songwriter

Being able to sing and play music well is a talent. So is songwriting. Just because you have the talent to sing and play well doesn't mean that you have the talent to write the words or notes in your music, and that's OK. You can hire someone who does have those talents so that they can help you. In fact, you may even end up hiring one person to write lyrics and another to write the actual music. Hiring a songwriter can be one of the best decisions you can make for your career.


Copying someone else's work is never going to be a good thing. At best, it can end up with you having to share royalties and credits. At worst, it can end up in lengthy court battles that will tie you and your music up for a long time. When it comes to songs, it's more than just words you have to worry about, you also have to worry about beats and hooks. A professional songwriter will be able to write you a song that is completely original so that you aren't going to end up with a claim of plagiarism against you. Even if you do write your own music, it will never hurt to have a songwriter work with you to make sure you aren't copying anyone, including yourself.

Write to Market

There is always going to be a market when it comes to which songs are performing or selling well. That market is cyclical, and what sold well two years ago isn't necessarily going to sell well now. Songwriters tend to track market trends in their chosen genre so that they can write music that people want to listen to and buy. That doesn't mean that they can't or won't write songs that are really meaningful or important to you or to them, your songwriter can write those songs too. What it does mean is that your songwriter will write songs that will perform well on streaming services, the radio, and in the purchasing market.

If you want to be a country music star, you want to do everything you can to be successful. You might be the best guitar player and singer since Dolly Parton, but you may not be a good songwriter, and without good songs, you aren't going to be successful. A good songwriter can help you with getting the good songs you want. 

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