Features To Get In A Photo Booth Rental For Special Events

If you're having a special event like a big birthday or large family gathering, you might want to rent out a photo booth. Then everyone will be able to conveniently have their picture taken to better remember these special moments. Just make sure your photo booth rental comes with a couple of features.

Personal Attendant

There might be some guests that need a little assistance using the photo booth rental. Maybe they've never used one before or they just don't have any good ideas about what to capture. In these instances, it would be beneficial to provide them with their own personal attendant.

A well-trained professional can stand by the photo booth the entire time to assist anyone that needs more direction. They can help ensure quality photos are taken, as well as give out some ideas for picture content. Ultimately, this attendant will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly with the photo booth rental.  

High-Resolution Prints

For those that want actual prints of photos captured by a photo booth, you want to make sure high-resolution capabilities are possible. That's going to make a huge difference in the experiences guests have when using said booth. 

Every photo taken will come out looking professional and crisp when you get a booth that has high-resolution capabilities. To assess this aspect, you'll probably want to see actual photos provided by different photo booths. Then you can choose the booth that had the best picture quality on a consistent basis. 

Text Capabilities

There are a lot of different ways photo booths can capture photos. Your guests may still want standard prints of their photos, but you also want to give them a mobile option. That means finding a photo booth rental with text capabilities.

As soon as the picture is taken, the guests can send the exact photo to their phone. They'll just have to enter in their phone number in the photo booth software or system that comes included with the rental. They can then easily share these pictures with whoever they want. 

Any time there's a fun event with a lot of people in attendance, providing photo booths is a good idea. Then everyone will be able to have their own pictures taken, which they can then use to remember the occasion. You just need to find the right booth rental that has things that make this photo-capturing experience all the better for everyone. 

For more information on a photo booth rental, contact a company near you.