Fascinated by LOFI Music Production: Learn Piano

Private piano lessons are totally worth it if you want to break into LOFI Music Production. In fact, piano skills may provide the most crucial link in producing great LOFI tracks. Of course, you also need knowledge of digital audio workstations(DAWs) and how to create with them. It also helps to have a great ear when it comes to recognizing EFX. However, these two things apply mostly to finishing the music. You must form it, first.

To do that, you need music theory. To learn the piano is to learn music theory. It's the reason why most of the great composers in western music played the piano. It's the reason that the examples in most music theory courses are taught using the piano keyboard. It's also the reason most people use midi keyboards to input directly into their DAWs. If you want to create LOFI, learn to play the piano.

Take Lessons.

Piano Lessons 

First, you'll learn the layout of the keyboard, including the differences between notes and accidentals, and how octaves work. More importantly, you'll learn how bass, treble, and mids relate to the piano keyboard's range. As you progress, you'll find yourself able to figure out where the notes in your favorite songs are being played.

You'll also learn the fundamentals of rhythm. In a short time, you'll learn how the beat is divided and how to count even the most complicated rhythms. And as your playing progresses, you'll discover how to play down your own rhythms. 

Even more valuable than the rhythmic lessons, you'll learn how all twelve pitch classes relate to each other. You'll discover how scales are created, chords are formed, and finally how keys help to predict what will sound good.

Taking old-school piano lessons will make you a more rounded musician. What you learn in private lessons will be useful no matter what musical avenue you choose to pursue. Plus, the dexterity you gain, coupled with the music theory you learn, will make almost every aspect of LOFI music production easier and more efficient.

Lastly, you can't forget about the performance aspect of private piano lessons. Unlike learning from youtube or any publicly available source, you have to perform for someone else, your teacher, regularly. This is invaluable because it allows you to get comfortable expressing yourself musically and it helps you overcome the fear of performing in front of an audience because you must perform the music, at least once.  This is a vital skill no matter what style of music you create, even if you do it all at home on your computer.