Language And Music: A Powerful Partnership

Children are more capable of learning a second language than their adult counterparts. Immersion classes and private tutoring can help with teaching a second language, but your child will benefit greatly from the introduction of music into the learning process.

Music has the ability to accelerate foreign language skills. This means that you can utilize a music school to help your child learn a second language more effectively.

Music Enhances Memory

Memory and recall ability can play an integral role in the learning of a new language. Modern research continues to prove a connection between music and memory. This is likely one of the reasons that songs are used to teach young children important principles.

It's a safe bet that you can still recall the alphabet or your primary colors because you learned the information in a song. When your child has the opportunity to sing in a foreign language at a music school, his or her memory of the language is enhanced.

Music Improves Pronunciation

Pronunciation can be one of the most challenging aspects of learning a new language. Individual letters make different sounds in each language. Your child will need to learn the proper pronunciation to become proficient in a second language.

Music can be instrumental in teaching pronunciation in a fun and exciting way. When a person sings, they tend to mimic the tone and sound of the words they are singing. Aping tone and sound can help reduce the presence of any accent when your child speaks a foreign language.

Music Increases Vocabulary

Every language has colloquialisms and idioms that aren't formally taught. It is the use of these phrases and words that can help identify native speakers. The lyrics in songs often feature a more relaxed form of the language they are written in, which means that music can be used to help your child increase his or her vocabulary.

Supplementing your child's language lessons with a music course can be a great way to expand his or her knowledge of regional dialects to improve language skills over time.

If you are committed to helping your child learn a second language, you should consider enrolling your child in a music school, such as a children's French music school. Music can offer invaluable assistance when it comes to learning and retaining language skills. Your child will be able to expand his or her vocabulary while improving pronunciation when music is used as a teaching aid.