Breathe New Life Into Your Guitar Playing With These Different Picks

If you're a new or moderately new guitar player, you might simply be using the standard-sized guitar pick that you picked up at the time that you bought your guitar. While there's certainly nothing wrong with doing so, it can be beneficial to explore some different types of picks as your playing develops. Depending on the style of music that you play and the pick that you choose, you might find that switching your pick can dramatically benefit your playing. You have access to a wide range of picks online and can buy a handful of different varieties to test out when they arrive in the mail. Here are some options to consider.

Jazz Picks

A jazz pick is slightly smaller than a standard-sized pick and is thick and rigid. Despite its name, it's ideal for playing a number of difficult music styles, provided you're picking individual notes instead of strumming chords. The jazz pick is a little too rigid for smooth strumming, but its sturdy nature means that you can easily pick the strings and keep the pick under control whether you're playing jazz, metal, or even country.

Extra-Grip Picks

If you find that you're consistently dropping your pick while you play, it might be time to try out a model that provides better grip. There are several styles of enhanced-grip picks—some have a sandpaper-like finish that sticks to your fingers while others have a hole in the center that causes less slippage. Even if you're not performing on stage just yet, it's a frustrating feeling to be in the middle of a song and drop your pick at your feet. These extra-grip picks will help you avoid this problem.

Ultra-Thin Picks

Certain playing styles lend themselves well to using ultra-thin picks. If you're into strumming chords rather than soloing or picking out riffs, an ultra-thin pick is ideal. It will easily bend as it slides across your six strings and give you an even sound. Thicker picks can be problematic for this type of playing because they'll often put too much pressure on an individual string and give you an inconsistent sound.

Finger Picks

Picking the strings is common in several genres of music, including classic rock and country. If your finger thickness makes this style of playing difficult, finger picks can be the answer. They slip over the tips of your fingers and give you greater precision while you play.

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