How To Decorate Your Piano For The Holidays

When you have a piano, you want people to use it. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it's valid to think that your piano might be neglected during this time in favor of other activities. However, being able to play Christmas music and other holiday music is one of the greatest parts of having a piano. To draw people's attention back to the piano and work it into your Christmas decorating scheme, you are going to need to make sure that you decorate it for the holidays as well. Here are some ideas.

1. Create a Christmas Display on Top

If you have a upright piano, rather than a grand or baby grand piano, you have the option of creating a small winter village or other holiday scene on top of your piano. Cover the top of your piano with a piece of cloth to make sure that it does not get scratched while you are decorating it. Then, go to the store and purchase small houses and people that look they are covered with snow. If you cannot find any miniatures that look like they are covered in snow, you can always purchase regular houses and then use the spray snow that they sell in drugstores around the holidays to add the snow yourself. Finally, use cotton balls to create snowdrifts.

2. Use a Garland

Another simple option that will work for both upright pianos and grand pianos is to decorate the edges using a garland. Use tiny rolls of blue painter's tape that is guaranteed to not scratch the surface of your piano to affix the garland in place. Consider, before hanging the garland, to entwine the garland with a string of lights in order to give your piano's holiday decorations a bit of a glow. 

3. Create a Sheet Music Snowflakes

One last idea is to gather up old copies of sheet music or to make copies of Christmas and other holiday carols. Then, take the paper and cut it so that they look like snowflakes, but made out of sheet music. This is a great way to keep the overall feel of your piano area focused on music but still keep it in tune with the holidays. Hang your snowflakes from the ceiling using fisherman's wire so that it looks as though the snowflakes are suspended in midair. 

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in pianos, such as Las Vegas Pianos. They might have specific decorating ideas for their own pianos.