Best Ways to Incorporate Irish Folk Music Into Your Wedding

If you're planning on having an Irish wedding in the coming months, one of the things that you'll have to consider is the music. Music is an important part of Irish culture, so it would be difficult to have a proper Irish wedding without incorporating Irish melodies. These tips will help you use Irish music in your wedding from the start to the finish.

Study the Famous Irish Folk Songs Before Hand

Before you can use Irish folk music in your wedding, you'll have to pick meaningful folk songs to play at the event. Stock up on Irish music in your home and make a list of the songs that emotionally move you. Study these songs together with your future spouse, because this music will become the backdrop for your entire event.

Listen to the lyrics as well as the melodies to ensure that the music you choose is appropriate for your event. Make a list of categories that include slower love songs for romantic dances and rowdy, upbeat party songs that will make the reception fun. Going through these songs will take a while, so leave yourself several months before the wedding to compile your lists. To help you with this process, try purchasing several different music compilations.

Hire Live Musicians

Hiring a live Irish band will help ensure that your wedding will have a dramatic impact on your guests. You'll want to have musicians at the processional (consider hiring a person to play the bagpipes) as well as the reception. To ensure that you choose the right band for your wedding, listen to demo tapes before the wedding, and audition bands if necessary. You may also want to check if they know any famous Irish folk songs. Like the process of choosing the right folk songs, hiring a live band may take time. Give yourself many months before the wedding to book the right band for your needs.

Take Irish Dancing Lessons Before the Event

Nothing goes with Irish music like traditional Irish dance. Traditional Irish dance often involves a lot of footwork and can take months to learn. If you and your future spouse would like to impress your guests by performing a traditional dance at the reception, take lessons to ensure that the dance is done properly. If you don't want to learn any traditional Irish dance steps yourself, consider asking one or two members of the wedding party to do a dance for the other guests. This kind of live entertainment will help everyone at the party enjoy the Irish folk music to its fullest extent.