3 Things A Beginner Acoustic Guitar Player Should Invest In

When it comes to playing an instrument, the acoustic guitar is the first choice for many. And it's no surprise that acoustic guitars are so popular! Nothing says cool like strumming a popular hit for a group of people. Acoustic guitars are also very portable instruments that can easily be brought out to entertain friends and family. No need to haul an amplifier around! However, there are many people who purchase these guitars only to abandon their new hobby within just a few months. In order to prevent this from happening, there are a few things that beginner guitar players should invest in.

A Quality Guitar

Playing a cheap, poorly made acoustic guitar is one of the main reasons that people give up on the hobby after only a few months. Guitars that are not quality made can be very uncomfortable to play! The good news is that a quality guitar doesn't necessarily mean an expensive guitar. There are a few key things a beginner should look for when selecting their first acoustic guitar. A beginner acoustic guitar should at least have a solid spruce top; this ensures that the guitar has a full bodied and pleasing sound to it. The guitar should also be comfortable to play. If it's not comfortable from the get go, a beginner won't want to practice. When choosing an acoustic guitar, the guitar store is the best place to go and try out different models. 

Guitar Lessons

In today's world of online videos, guitar lessons from an actual guitar player may seem unnecessary. However, guitar lessons are a great way for beginners to learn to play quicker than they would if they just relied on the Internet and books. Getting acoustic guitar lessons from a qualified instructor is the best way to learn the basics of playing the guitar. Learning things like how to tune and play basic cords is often a much faster process when someone is there to instruct. This doesn't mean that lessons are necessary for the entire time someone plays guitar, but they are very helpful in the beginning. A guitar store is also often a great place to find an instructor. Often they offer either lessons on sight or can provide a beginner with the information of local instructors.

New Equipment

For any beginner on the acoustic guitar, moving forward may be a scary thing. However, those who stick with playing the acoustic guitar should not be afraid to move forward into intermediate and even advanced playing. This often requires new equipment. A visit to the guitar store can provide former beginners with new options for more advanced acoustic playing. More challenging sheet music, new picks, capos, and even new guitars are all things that many acoustic guitar players find themselves purchasing as they advance in skill. 

For anyone looking to play acoustic guitar there are a few things that are worth investing in. A quality guitar, music lessons, and even additional equipment are all key when learning to play acoustic guitar.